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Imagine if everybody had a magic payphone...

...that dropped coins into our pocket whenever we received a call. 

We would be very happy to receive calls from anybody, even robocalls. 


And everyone could call anyone, including movie stars and presidents, if enough coins are deposited in the magic payphone.


Introducing FundChan, a messaging system that works like a magic payphone.

You don't know me, but...

Think of approaching...

... a famous celebrity

... an important social/business contact

... any fabulously attractive human being


and saying, "You don't know me, but, I would like to speak with you. Your time is valuable, so please accept this small gift from me to make it worthwhile, no strings attached."

Now imagine turning the table and receiving that approach. Wouldn't that be nice? 

Enter FundChan, where that approach is understood, and the small gift is always the perfect amount, handled discretely, respectfully, and automatically.

This is Funded Channel Messaging.

For a price, anyone

can be reached.

What is your price?

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